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Time Passing

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Time Passing

The mirror told the tale and now he could not deny

To claim athleticism would be to tell the lie

Wrinkles on the forehead could not hide receding hair

The energy of youth no longer there

The scales told him that he was becoming overweight

Time had a message about age and fate

He pondered this as he washed up the crockery

How she would comment when he overcooked the broccoli

He wandered into the garden and mowed the lawn

Marvelled at the daffodils that gave a golden dawn

Before he waxed her car standing in the drive

The patio needed cleaning there were pots to revive

They loved to travel but the question was where

He sought locations where disability would not impair

When they first met ageing was never really in life’s plan

He wondered how it crept up and when it began

If his heart now missed a beat what did it signify

Yet still she loved him but he could not reason why

Copyright: David Hopcroft March 2023


Author: davidjhopcroft

Former learning centre manager at a state college in Florida now living in England and enjoying the wonderful scenery close to the Pennines and the Lake District

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