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Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist

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Inside Alternative Worlds

Inside alternative worlds (A first glimpse )

Truth could not be seen as a casualty

In a world that had sacrificed reality

Upon an altar to the god of obscurity

Such that remnants were lodged out at infinity

Now each could have a ‘truth’ that was the other’s lie

Such that both the other’s ‘truth’ could easily deny

So that all alternatives were but conspiracy

Found in the imprinted mind that had come from birth

Each form of news peculiar but had apparent worth

Serving as nutrient for those still trapped upon earth

The alternative world had long since bid farewell to sanity

Creating mists of illusion that seemed to fringe on lunacy

Such are these worlds created by dissent

Dissatisfaction magically covered by new sediment

With history to be regarded as excrement

All paths might once have led to merriment

Now each world could only thrive with an enemy

Such hatred is created in the fields of uncertainty

By those who really strove to form a new nobility

How easy it became to mimic what was once sincerity

Driving the flocks ever closer to conditioned slavery

And I but a rebel still unshackled in such a world

Raise the flag of free will to be unfurled

Copyright: David Hopcroft February 2021



Damp moist darkness that claims the dust and ash

That once formed the bodies that did breathe

Did you rise up were you left with eternity under a lash

Worms now devour the remains you leave

So do not tell me the stories of angels to deceive

My heart still yearns reality is to grieve

No myth in my Deity I DO believe

We are just atoms bound in many ways

Floating on a rock though that endless sea

Where space is created to seek infinity

Lives live in a flash though we measure our days

Yielded from rock and to rock we return

Where spirits that dwell will show us new ways

Well, hello mister worm and hi there to you microbe

You have come for my body to take away my load

Old age said its farewell when bodies were slowed

Coffins and caskets to find new abode

I see a mystery here in those I meet underground

Listen so carefully or you will never hear their sound

For in the depths of this earth such spirits do abound

Quiet now I can hear your heart pound

Can you live and explore a world as a parallel place

Where Tuatha will roam and dare not show face

Danu’s children once mighty might have disgrace

Have you the courage to seek out their grace

In caverns where stalactites reach down to the ground

Where the magic of your belief allows you to see

A world when found can cause time to flee

Seven years lost can only bring sadness to thee

A secret entrance known only to me

Take care with the faerie not to be caught

Your wishes may come then lead to nought

Some desires should never be sought

Love itself can never be bought

There are sprites that emerge from underground springs

They are guides that may foretell of what the future brings

Listen carefully to what the sprite sings

There are no magic rings

The picture is only the one you believe

Such words as these may leave you depressed

You may start to think my brain is possessed

Or perhaps living a life that is distressed

But there is nothing I need to get off my chest

My secret I keep with the One I love best

Be not afraid there is reason for cheer

The world of Nantosuelta is near

Goddess of the earth finds her dwelling here

With a message that death is never an end

For this space remains the source of rebirth

Fertility arousing and rising from mother earth

Copyright: David Hopcroft 2019