Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist


Conversation without words

Conversations without words

I guess that everything started with the look

Just a casual glance in my direction

Not that I was aware that this was a hook

Yet looking back I recognize the connection

Then that swift glance again as you left the room

That turn of the head that you knew that I would see

The suggestion that this conversation could resume

The unspoken words passing between you and me

On the escalator you were going up as I was going down

Still you had time to throw me a smile as we passed

You knew I could not resist and would turn around

An invitation without words that you had asked

I saw you at the store and you gave me a wink

Was this just ‘hello’ or was it something more

Then as we went through the checkout I began to blink

We the nod and smile you gave as you walked out the door

Next day at the office you gave me a quick wave

I wondered if really you were just passing by

At the back of my mind I wondered ‘Was I your slave?’

I was becoming fixated with you I do not deny

Then we met in the local park and you blew me a kiss

Should I show more interest or are you leading me on

You blew me another and I thought this must be bliss

I was convinced I was getting the big ‘C’mon’

Your finger beckoned me saying ‘Come over here’

As we met again on the train journey home

The message now seemed to be perfectly clear

You had a message for me and did not need the phone

We sat together on the bench in the park

You turned to me and our lips kind of just met

Now I was convinced I would not be left in the dark

The pathway to happiness was surely set

You took my hand and I was led away

Into a world of pleasure deep within your arms

You showed me how to love in every way

My life was swallowed up with your charms

I awoke in the morning on cloud 99

You were the champagne and I had pulled the cork

It now seems so amazing and really quite divine

How much you learn without having to talk

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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The Scream

She had walked this way several times before

A short cut originally to speed her journey home

When the route through the park had become a bore

She now preferred this route beside the carved stone

She used to think of all those lives that lay beneath her feet

She wondered if they really did have a soul

A spirit and would they by some chance meet

Or would the air around her just become damp and cold

She preferred to walk in darkness away from the light

There was comfort in being beneath the stars and moon

Her mind felt more peaceful in the dead of the night

Then came that SCREAM piercing the gloom

Her heart beat faster as she peered among the stones

From out of the earth a ghostly form was arising

She wanted to feel the icy cold of those bones

The form screamed again and this was becoming exciting

Her graveyard lover had risen up from his past

Taking in her body just like her nightly dream

Her wishes had been granted at long last

In that moment of pleasure she let out her SCREAM

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Here’s to the big girls

Here’s to the big girls

Here’s to the women who are not skinny and slim

A toast to all those with a full figure

What’s the use of a girl you can’t see because she’s so thin

Give me the big girls who have some vigour

Here’s to the ladies who have something to hold

Goodbye to the yoga girls who can bend any way

Let’s roll around together be you young or old

Among the purple heather or on the fresh hay

Give me the lady with the heaving chest

Showing those charms of warmth and tenderness

Give me a large bosom where my head can rest

The softness and desire that I wish to caress

Who wants a bikini babe with a microscopic waist

I want the body that can heave and thrust

Give me the full figure with something to taste

Let’s drink pleasure together to satisfy lust

Here’s to the big girls with thighs that are thick

With legs that can hold me firm and tight

She’s the girl with the taper to light up my wick

Here’s to the body I can make love to all night

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Love me gently

Love me gently and take me into your arms

Draw me to you and show me all your charms

The jewels that you said you wish to share

Love me gently and let me show you care

Love me with the honesty that lets secrets be bared

Let romance blossom freely as our love is aired

Come to me now and let me hold you close

Let stroking fingers talk upon your skin

Feel the heat that others might deem as sin

Love me gently and please let me in

Let the promise of a future now begin

Love me and let me love you in return

Love me until the flames of passion freely burn

Tell me just how I may pleasure you

To make your body feel the warmth of a flush

Talk to me and fear not for the blush

Love me more deeply than a teenage crush

Let you love open like the petals of a flower

Love me gently through the day and night

Let me pour my love into you in return

Let us find pleasure and a future that is bright

Teach me my love of that I wish to learn

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023


Dwynwen’s Isle

Writtten for Saint Dwynwen’s Day on January 26th

Dwynwen’s Isle

(January 25th)

Let me spirit you away to the magic of Ynys Mon

For upon this day shall I pledge a troth to you

Be with me on this journey to the sacred Dwynwen’s isle

For I have found no fairer lady dwelling in this land

Of your equal in tenderness and affection there is none

Be with me to tread a lover’s path upon the morning dew

Let us both forsake the past and greet this dawn with a smile

Come do not be coy upon such a day let me take your hand

Walk into a future with me to feel the warmth of rising sun

Let me hold you close and press your bosom against my chest

May our lips meet for a future found beyond the waves

Why not seal a fate on Dwynwen’s isle before the sun dips low

Each night you are in my dreams my heart you have already won

Come seek with me for a love that surely must be blessed

For the laughter and the sparkle in your eyes my heart craves

Let magic take a course today as our feelings freely flow

Copyright: David Hopcroft January 2023

Острів Двінвен

( 25 січня )

Дозвольте мені відвести вас до магії Ynys Mon

Бо в цей день я тобі віддаю свою любов

Будьте зі мною в цій подорожі до священного острова Двінвен

Бо я не знайшов жодної справедливішої дами, що мешкала на цій землі

З ваших рівних за ніжністю і прихильністю немає

Будьте зі мною, щоб пройти шлях коханця на ранковій росі

Давайте обидва покинемо минуле і привітаємо цю світанку посмішкою

Приходь, не соромся такого дня, дозволь мені взяти твою руку

Зайдіть у майбутнє зі мною, щоб відчути тепло висхідного сонця

Дозвольте мені тримати вас близько і притиснути пазуху до грудей

Нехай наші губи зустрінуться на майбутнє, знайдене поза хвилями

Чому б не запечатати долю на острові Двінвен до того, як сонце опуститься низько

Щовечора ти мрієш моє серце, ти вже переміг

Приходь шукати зі мною кохання, яке, безумовно, має бути благословенне

За сміх і блиск у ваших очах моє серце жадає

Нехай магія сьогодні пройде курс, коли наші почуття вільно течуть

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт січень 2023 року


19 The table at the window

19. The table by the window

The chairs were blue and the table polished pine

I always imagined that would be where we would dine

A Greek restaurant for our very first date

I would be very early and you would be slightly late

Those times have passed our love withered and died

I felt very awkward whilst you sat down and cried

We promised each other we would stay in touch

Stupidly I let your letters become a crutch

Now a lady sits alone at the table staring at the street

I am walking along the side walk where we would meet

She looks a lot like you with flowing auburn hair

I must seem a little rude as I stand outside and stare

There is something that seems familiar a memory that stirs

You turn and look out at me with a smile that is hers

That flash of memory tells me I shall no longer reminisce

I rush inside to greet you at the table we embrace and kiss

Copyright: David Hopcroft December 2022

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2. The Room

2. The Room

In her room Kyrystyna sits gazing at her phone

Red lipstick upon her lips to amplify the pout

Looks up occasionally at paint flaking off the door

She awaits the message to reassure she is not alone

Maybe a call from her friend to draw her desires out

An escape from the drudgery of the department store

Her discarded clothes lie unwashed upon the bed

Believing that only his message can bring happiness

On the wall a picture of Depeche Mode once hung

Can she enjoy the silence that the space screams instead

She stares at the wall in her state of undress

There’s a coffee stain beneath from a cup she flung

The broken casement window looks out to the street

Seeking solace in the decoration of her nails

She will wear her new crop top in order to impress

A message arrives to say he counts the hours until they meet

The lights dim then go out as a distant siren wails

Even in darkness she cannot seek sleep to escape her loneliness

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022

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Metal fender love

Metal fender love

Brightly polished metal paint standing on the lot

Her open top admired by passersby in their ogling shop

Retro-romantic purring with attraction

Thoughts stirred within wanting to turn on her ignition

Waiting to be unleashed beneath the hood a mighty beast

Her mind thinking of those nipples surely fully greased

Six seductive cylinders almost within her reach

Listening to the salesman who had learned to preach

How she loved to admire her chassis

She’d take the Interstate from here to Tallahassee

Knowing it would hold firm as it glided along the highway

Keep your Tesla sunshine she was going to do this her way

Chrome plated attraction from the world of yesteryear

Stick shift for her hand she despised the auto-gear

Two tone elegance and wings protruding from the rear

This was mechanical seduction and she had no fear

Her twin headlights attracting with their glow

Switched on she knew that they could steal the show

Leather upon the seats where she could slide

So cool upon the thighs as she thought of the ride

She took the keys of pleasure living out life today

She pressed the pedal to the metal and she was away

She scorched black rubber along the boulevard

Grasped the leather knob and pulled back hard

Tearing up the miles until she ran out of juice

Two hundred horses seeking freedom were let loose

Some girls love abs and biceps but she knew her desire

Only the pounding of six pistons could light her fire

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022

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Moment 2: Scoot Over

Moment 2: Scoot Over

I think my life is changing

Because we are together now

Well almost

We are under the same roof

Now we are sharing a bedroom

Of course

That was my idea

I think that we both wanted more

When we thought of what had gone before

He may have hesitated

I was sure


There is something still between us

A feeling there should be a boundary

Like a line drawn in the sand

Which I knew that I had to cross

So when he returned from work

Snuggling down beneath the blankets

I would climb onto the bed

In hope more than expectation

Would whisper the words

“Scoot over “

Then slide beneath the blanket beside him

He was tired

I used to be afraid he would fall asleep

Cuddling beside him

Pressing his body close to mine

Wrapping a leg around him

Surely he must recognize the sign

I knew my feeling

He was mine

If he’d ask me I know what I would say

I’d smile at him and reply “Of course you may”

But he didn’t and I wondered perhaps he was gay

I shivered

Perhaps he just wanted me to go away

Strange how we cuddled together every night

A touching of bodies that I felt was right

Yet knowing that he never responded with delight

I could not spend the night within his bed

For I always felt something might be amiss

This was never my imagined bliss

Had I invested my life in that solitary kiss

But still each time he undressed when he came home

I would climb up and say “Scoot over”

Because I did not want to be alone

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022




I wonder why I took so long

Why did I wait for him when I could have led

Why did I wish and dream

That there was a place for me in his bed

An evening of idle chat that meant so much more

We were both conscious of what we desired

Or was that just my wish and not his

I know my heart seemed to burn with his fire

I remember the evening

We agreed to go for a walk in the park

As if I could finally pluck up the courage

To make the first move in the dark

My pulse was racing

I knew there was an opportunity I should not miss

Was I really luring him

Onto that bench to share our first kiss

How strange after all that time

I had imagined the moment every day

Each time there had been a different response

I would not have wanted this any other way

Could he really be mine

In that moment I really believed

As my tongue pushed through his lips

My heart was surely not deceived

His arms brought me close

I liked that he was holding me tight

Thoughts rushed into my mind

My head was feeling light

I wondered and wished

Just how far we could go

But the moonlight was revealing

I sensed his answer would be ‘no’

So we sat on the bench

We made that fist kiss last

An opportunity taken

Or had the moment passed

I tugged at his arm

What if I was to ask and suggest

That we might go further

I’m sure he would show an interest

I know that we have started

That kiss lasted ten minutes at a guess

Do we want this relationship

I think his answer might be ‘yes’

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022