Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist

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River of Tears

River of tears

Born of a deity they grew up on the island together

Sharing a childhood playing with each other in the dirt

As she grew her beauty shone like a golden treasure

Until she felt something within as she tried to flirt

As they grew older her feelings grew stronger

How could he pretend he was not aware

As the years were to pass her love grew fonder

She knew this was wrong but she did not care

She struggled in her mind to contain the emotion

Her feelings strengthening and far transcending lust

The more time she was with him the greater her devotion

So often she would feel the swelling in her bust

As sister and brother there was so much that they shared

But that which she wanted most was forbidden

Her mind was tormented by a secret that could not be bared

How much longer could her feelings remain hidden

Her hand trembled with the pen as she wrote

To proclaim her love and to offer herself to him

For such love there seemed to be no antidote

He feared for what he believed was called sin

With friends he fled the island for another land

To found a city where he might dwell in peace

She stood watching the waves break upon the sand

Priests declared her to be obsessed by a beast

Her love still raged strong as she followed his trail

Only to find that her love was still spurned

Her sadness could not be hidden by a veil

Grief would not quench the love that still burned

She sat upon the limestone rock and wept

Tears flowed so freely from her face

For weeks she cried and never slept

The barren olive tree now marks the sacred place

Her tears formed an everlasting stream

That flows from these hills down to the sea

Priests still deem her love to be unclean

Others now say she’s the dryad of the olive tree

Her body was never found and some still say

Within these rocks she will forever weep

The legend is still believed today

For everlasting love can never sleep

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2023

(based on a legend of Kaunas at Dalyan)

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Child Stealer

Child Stealer

Lucifer had founded his hatred on a strange belief

To exterminate a people by indoctrination

But he had failed to crush the spirit that lay beneath

How then might the devil proceed towards subjugation?

Like an evil spirit that roams free on the darkest night

Comes the clawed hand reaching through the stable door

A dirty deed of infamy whilst the devil hides out of sight

Proclaiming that he alone determines any law

A child torn from a crib or a mother’s arm

Who is there to listen to the screams

Who will stand up to stop this harm

How can we sleep peacefully with such dreams?

The child stealer continues his work with little interruption

A people threatened by the devil’s instruction

Can we ignore the horrors of this Satanic corruption

Do we turn a blind eye to mass abduction?

There are no gas chambers here but the intent is the same

A people will be destroyed by a slow extermination

Kidnapped children stolen and then given a new name

The terror of indoctrination of the next generation

Brainwashed to believe that Beelzebub is right

Brought up to continue the evil of his legacy

Where truth is rearranged and freedom cowers in fright

Let us stand with Ukraine to break the heresy

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2023

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Дитячий крадіжок Child Stealer

Дитячий крадіжок

Люцифер заснував свою ненависть на дивній вірі

Винищити людей шляхом індоктринації

Але він не зміг розчавити дух, який лежав внизу

Як тоді диявол може перейти до підкорення?

Як злий дух, який вільно блукає в найтемнішу ніч

Приходить кігтяна рука, що проникає через стійкі двері

Брудна справа ганебного, поки диявол ховається з поля зору

Проголошення, що він один визначає будь-який закон

Дитина, вирвана з ліжечка або матері матері

Хто там, щоб слухати крики

Хто встане, щоб зупинити цю шкоду

Як ми можемо спокійно спати з такими мріями?

Дитячий викрадач продовжує свою роботу з невеликим перериванням

Люди, яким загрожує диявольська інструкція

Чи можемо ми ігнорувати жахи цієї сатанинської корупції

Чи заплющуємо ми очі на масове викрадення?

Тут немає газових камер, але намір такий самий

Люди будуть знищені повільним винищенням

Викрадені діти вкрали, а потім дали нове ім’я

Терор індоктринації наступного покоління

Вчив вірити, що Вельзевул правий

Вихований для продовження зла своєї спадщини

Там, де правда переставлена і свобода перелякано

Давайте стояти з Україною, щоб зламати єресь

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт червень 2023 року

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This world that I live in is not an illusion

The world is a selfish expression of all that we are

Leaders prepared to kill and maim for their brief moment of glory

Our day to day lives might well be the first chapter of a horror story

The arrogance that goes with the discharge of sewage into rivers and streams

We are building a land where nobody cares and nobody cleans

We shall keep burning oil until the very last drop has gone

If you are asking who cares the answer may be none

Is there really a green country? Can you name one?

We have discarded plastic to choke up our seas

For a throwaway land where you just do as you please

Why is it we look the other way with such ease?

There is poverty knocking on every door

Food banks for all those folks with no money for the store

Politicians claiming that nobody is really poor

Sweeping truth under a red carpet laid upon the floor

Money squandered on fashion just for one night out

Closing their eyes to the homeless that live round about

The world that I live in just seems so unreal

For the wealthy this world might be their idea of paradise

With refugees starving by the millions do we really think that is nice

Your future is burning before you and you are paying the price

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Я прокидаюся і широко викидаю портьєри

Яскраві промені ранкового сонця зараз течуть всередині

В такі ранки писар занурить чорнило

Слова виливаються на пергамент так швидко, як він може подумати

Моя любов до неї витікає на сувій

Вдячність, що її прихильність робить моє життя цілим

Шановний Господи, я дякую, коли дорослішаю

На весь час я наближаюся до свого кінця

І все-таки є золоті спогади, які потрібно зробити

Кольори, які заливають розум і не згасають

Я відчуваю, як моє серце співає з кожним ритмом

Похвалити того, хто робить моє життя повноцінним

Давайте разом святкуємо ці золоті роки

Хоча промені сонця приносять тіні і жатки страхи

Хмари кохання подорожують синім небом

Я наповнений благословенням кожного сходу сонця

Безчасна річка тече під сонячним промінням

Щодня витікаючи, щоб дати життя мрії

Де кожен ранок приносить щастя заново

Як моє життя наповнене любов’ю до тебе

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт травень 2023 року

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She did not like the book and so she complained

About the library from which the book had been obtained

There were words and phrases beyond her comfort zone

She moaned to her parents as soon as she got home

Their first reaction was that this book must be banned

Then the situation kind of got out of hand

They decided the book should really be rewritten

So that those nasty bits could be hidden

The narratives really had to be changed

Some events of necessity would have to be rearranged

Even though a truth may become estranged

They sent me a copy of the revised edition to review

Showing how the narrative had been changed to protect you

Of the people who queued to leave their foreign homes

For a free passage on the tall sailing ships

To seek out a new life in a paradise overseas

Employment and a new home were provided to please

How the kindly plantation owners showed how they cared

For those who had fled horror and how their lives were spared

The wealth and riches of the new land could then be shared

A proper version was written of the nation’s history

The rainbow pictures painted of equality

Now the books are so much better don’t you see

Our children need to be told the truth I’m sure you agree

You might find this a more comforting version of their reality

There are still some books that await to be rewritten

The one where a girl loved a girl and was smitten

The book where a boy played with a doll was clearly wrong

I heard the governor kicked up a dance and song

His disciples nodded and followed like sheep quietly along

Those books had to be altered so they would belong

In a society that had to be carefully constructed

To match the dream that was being structured

The girl now dressed for the boys at night

The boy found an automatic rifle to his delight

They married and had children of course all were white

The young girl could now go to school

Unaware that she had become the fool

For the books now defined her new position

So clearly as being one of total submission

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Російська дощова мрія

Російська дощова мрія

Я мріяв про обличчя зла і сорому

Для кого людське життя не має сенсу

Я мріяв про те, як він любив завдавати болю

Чути звук інших криків

Чорт любить завдавати болю

На світанку безпілотники прийдуть знову

Приносить російський дощ сатани

Я прокинувся і почув звістку про черговий страйк

Зараз так багато людей поранено

Старі та молоді всі схожі

Я бачу, як сатана посміхається і безсоромно

Патріарх не може пояснити

Звідки насправді прийшов чорт

Приносить російський дощ сатани

Я бачив, як він крав дітей у їхніх матерів

Голодуючи тих, хто наважився битися і залишитися

Я бачив його прихильників, які живуть як любителі культу

Святкування того сатани живе сьогодні

Його послідовники у своїх ліжках лежали

Проголосивши, що їм немає сорому

Коли вони п’ють тост за російський дощ

Патріарх претендує на диво Боже

Трохи я не бачив Бога уві сні

Все, що я бачу, – це загін вбивці

Працюючи для тих, хто нечистий

Скільки тисяч загине даремно

Як довго ми можемо сидіти і просто скаржитися

Спостерігаючи за зливом російського дощу сатани

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт травень 2023 року

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Russian Rain Dream

Russian Rain Dream

I dreamt of the face of evil and of shame

For whom human life has no meaning

I dreamt of how he loved inflicting pain

To hear the sound of others screaming

The devil loves inflicting pain

At dawn the drones will come again

Bringing Satan’s Russian rain

I awoke and heard the news of another strike

So many people have now been maimed

The old and young are all alike

I see Satan smiling and unashamed

The patriarch cannot explain

From where the devil really came

Bringing Satan’s Russian rain

I saw him stealing children from their mothers

Starving those who dared to fight and stay

I saw his supporters living as cult lovers

Ensuring that Satan gets his way

Puppets in their beds have lain

Proclaiming that they have no shame

As they drink a toast to Russian rain

The patriarch claims a miracle of God

But I saw no God in my dream

All that I can see is an assassin’s squad

Working for those who are unclean

How many thousands will die in vain

How long can we sit by and just complain

Watching the downpour of Satan’s Russian rain

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023


Within the head

Within the head

I wonder just how many people dread

Living every day with those thoughts within the head

The temptations by which we may be led

A darkness that often surfaces when we go to bed

Thoughts that we have that will never be said

So we hope for a peaceful sleep instead

What if your thoughts were the same as mine

Does darkness then become light and shine

Somewhere in dark memory there might be a sign

Like a spout rising up from the brine

Can also bring havoc to what was divine

Yet this invitation within I am trying to decline

Still it haunts with its daily whine

Somewhere in my head a monster is sleeping

Trying to escape captivity it is pleading

But deep down within I still fear its seeking

What if your monster and mine are meeting

Will eruption result from the overheating

Is this evil or love that is greeting

There was one moment of daylight that was fleeting

Emotions seem to be erupting from the confusion

Reality I pray will replace this illusion

Yet if your mind and mine embrace our evolution

Are the monsters acting together in collusion

I sense taboos are being shattered by consensual fusion

Will our minds meet and exchange in some form of transfusion

We might try and explore to see if we reach a conclusion

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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He looked at the object and he tried to think

His mind just seemed to have lost that last precious link

That cell or whatever that was that stored the information

Had gone missing somewhere or suffered terminal degradation

How he wished there were some simple explanation

Better still an answer to provide rejuvenation

But the object before him had become just “it”

He knew what the object was but there seemed to be no name

He thought as hard as he could but no word came

Had he been drinking there would be something to blame

But here he was and “it” still had no name

He knew what “it” did which was even more irritating

This curse seemed to be becoming debilitating

He picked “it” up and then stared and stared

But to no avail the object remained just “it”

A thought came to him

Perhaps if he used the object a bit

Then surely there would be a connection to fit

His mind might remember the name of the “it”

Now how did you hold this and just how did the object fit

Oh dear

The problem was now becoming worse

The whole episode seemed to be more like a curse

His wife would know

She would put an end to the mystery

He turned

Ready to call out to her

But her name just would not come out

She had become

Another “it”

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023