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The Wizards Spell

Give us a kiss then!

Song to Annwyl

Merlin’s marker have I to hold in this hand

No earthly glow can match the brightness of this gift

Touched, stardust will be scattered upon every part

But for such magick as this there must be demand

Merlin himself, before locked, gave the secret of shape shift

You have seen me so often as I practise the art

I was there this morning jumping with friends in the bay

I was looking down from above when I spread my wings

Did you see me peeping from behind the fountain spray

I was the hand on your shoulder to start the day

I am in your garden each time that the songbird sings

I am there even when all else seems in disarray

Taliesin by Ceridwen could never be caught

The secret she needed was to learn to fly with the wind

Catch him unawares not by storm but in the stillness of air

Passions nectar to be spilled not by pint but by quart

Remember once given the stardust you must never rescind

Else both might vanish in the twinkling of an eye, so beware

Do you want to hold the magick of the wand this night

Should the stardust brighten your cavern one more

Pressed close to your breasts is your wizard enslaved

Can you spread your wings are you ready for flight

Could you be spellbound to give your wizard amour

Take the wizard now if it is wizard you craved

If all the stones are in favour the wizard can cast the spell

But fear not if all seems to be moving so fast

Patience is your virtue that can lead to bliss

Baby steps taken upon a road where mortals do dwell

Cast spells back and forth and you’ll find love will last

When you take Merlin’s marker in your hands to kiss

Copyright: David Hopcroft July 2019


Warts and All Baby

(Another fun look at communication)

A hint of nervousness, a tremble, a quiver as she stepped off the plane

His stomach feeling kind of unsettled as he waited in the arrival area

A first meeting face to face, just what did each expect?

Had they been honest, had they been true

Was her photograph really that real, or for that matter his

He found writing so easy but he also knew he could be tongue-tied

She effused love with her pen, but could still be nervous with doubt

His approach had seemed bold but so often hidden in code

Each time he became close she shied like the horse of Rhiannon

Now, for each, there could be no running away

Those declarations made, miles travelled, this was the day

She thought of her doubts but his love was really quite different

He didn’t give a fig if her lines

Did not always rhyme

And this writer says, well neither do mine

Well not every time

Just sometime

He was rather quirky, a style that could be quite jerky

He had tried to explain he was who he was or he wasn’t

But that seemed the least of his worries

He believed she might know him better than him

She looked at her figure and he considered his body

Yet neither should really have cared

For if each had been true to themselves

This was not the union of Adonis and Aphrodite

They both might look better if they lost the odd pound

Well, maybe a kilo or two

At least he had not been foolish and tried to dye his white hair

Whilst she had also discarded the urge for face paint

He thought of those giggles so happy and cute

They laughed at each other’s accents when they had first spoke

At the words that were different like fanny and bum

Or panties and knickers, and the story of bonking a bloke

Hands across the sea, that was so easy to write

But hands getting closer, would that cause a fright

So they consulted the wizard

And maybe I am he

I read all the literature on scrying

Then I examined the crystal ball

But that really said nothing at all

It would not even say if you were tall

Or not

But I read the tea leaves at the base of the cup

Laid out the cards upon the table

Then added a study of runes

I even checked all the stars

Looked at the positions of Mercury, Venus and Mars

And you will be delighted to know

They all told me there was love for you both

(note the catch)

You may stumble and fumble during those early days

But love will not blossom if you grumble

Don’t be tempted to return to old ways

Then you’ll both stay on your feet

Even though when you dance

You might occasionally tread on a foot

You can sing your songs in the car both out of tune

Neither will care but at night you should croon

So think of that first meeting and try to be bolder

Remember there is always time to lay head upon shoulder

(This I know, for I’m somewhat older)

Take the chance now, before you get colder

Remember the kiss baby

That turns up the heat

Yet nothing else really would matter

As long as there was enough courage when you meet

To take that first kiss which is bliss

And I’ve already told you about this

From this writer’s viewpoint looking on from aside

Or is that inside, will we ever know

So many of these things did not matter one jot

For as long as each really found a love truly sought

They should not worry, they should just grab the lot

Warts and all baby

Warts and all baby

Warts and all

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2019


She cast the runes (and he did too)

She set side the keyboard and retrieved her silk pouch

Carefully laying a black felt cloth on the table

Old Dutch oak cherished from a sale

Tonight she would seek for a love to be nourished

Guidance to be sought insofar as she was able

An alphabet to read from her oracle of stones

Put down the tarot, cast aside those old bones

The signs to be read are what you perceive

Germanic folklore for those who believe

Faith takes out chance belief doth conceive

Reality trumps faith if desire you shout out

All to be read from the drawing of stones

She played the five and he played the three

From across the wide ocean both sought to find love that was free

The first that she drew placed in the centre, divination begun

Then one for each direction, north, south, east and west

She felt her heart beating fast but chose not to run

She had searched too long, the oracle now put to the test

Did she spot an ancient god or was that the wild ox

Hush hush my sweet lady

This requires intuition not just imagination

What do you ask of your runes

When the strings of your heart are playing such tunes

You just want to scream out a name

For that there’s no shame

The runes were never a game

Look upon that line, three runes in a row

West, centre and east, just what do they tell

Past, present and a future they might foretell

This is more than just a painted wishing well

Past shadows fade away, perhaps a tear to be cast

The present a mystery that makes your heart beat so fast

The future is all that you would make real

She looked closer now at her southern stone

A problem of such desire she was to let out a moan

Wanting that king she could place on her throne

But how, tell me runes

How could this be so

In her nakedness should she let her real mind show

Then north, dear north, how should this be done

Take courage, speak out, you will both be as one

She who just dreams might find she has none

Courage speak out and you will both come

In a glorious explosion of love unconfined

What of his runes

Is there a story to tell

Of his situation, challenge and action

If you were to know would it change your reaction

But if those were your runes and that was the sign

Say that you love me and I’ll tell you mine

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2019