Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist

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World Orders

World Orders

Brown grass scorched leaves parched earth

Telling the tale of how we see the planet’s worth

Littered with plastic and a silent death from burning fuel

Acidic oceans slowly becoming a mass grave

A dangerous virus spreads quickly around the world

I struggle as I am told where priorities lie

How we must start horse racing for the wealthy again

Extremes of weather with flooding catastrophes

Mining scarring the countryside for mobile phones

Toxic chemicals slowly polluting each water course

Humans denied by colour of liberty and equality

See how those who speak out are labelled then mocked

A schoolgirl with vision and wisdom seeks to save

Life on the planet from an apocalyptical grave

‘Hell we can’t have that’ the climate denier cried

‘It’s all fake can’t you see we live in paradise’

Deaths from the virus filled hastily dug graves

‘It’s only flu the economy just has to carry on’

A knee on a neck and then we all watch in dismay

Though I suspect there were those in power just egging him on

Protests were made to try and bring change

The replies were predictable for there was no shame

‘Send out the dogs It’s time for the shooting to start’

‘Send in the military to teach them a lesson’

What if violence becomes the only tool the oppressed have left

How does He save His people from a coward’s death?

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2020

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In the land of the never after

In the land of the never after

He spoke to himself and the self spoke back

A struggle as each tried so hard to assert

For each of them envisioned a different path

Neither seemed able to see what they shared

Life took a very different turn when they aided each other

Having learned how to listen not just to speak

A guidance as two selfs were then bared

To look at each self and see reason beyond doubt

Where once there was nothing a new soul could emerge

The two selves that argued could sometimes converge

Two unlike streams had joined to become a single flow

One sometimes led and the other would reassure

The path now followed was firm and secure

An abyss that had once had threatened in between

Became a new bridge to traverse the mind

Some in their wisdom still call out to me

To say this is conscience or psychotherapy

A seeking to understand how love and temptation

Sometimes will conflict and sometimes unite

Of how a small voice within can so often be right

How instinct may not always be the light

But listening to two voices I can discover His might

Copyright: David Hopcroft February 2020


Honey Moon

Honey Moon

There’s a buzzing of the bees around the hives

A taking of nectar and pollen from the flowers of the chives

The beautiful sound around the flowers of the grape

Pollen spreading over yellow fields of rape

Worker bees busy collecting all they are able

Carrying to the hives the prize that they have sought

Dances being used to communicate

A sharing of messages if you are patient and wait

Men and women robed in gowns gloves and long hats with mesh

Seeking out their prize with the utmost carefulness

Puffing smoke guns then they withdraw the honeyed combs

The bees will continue on the winter store to provide

Monks take their ration to ferment

To make the finest mead is their intent

Days are long and warm in this month of June

As we celebrate the rising of the Honey Moon

Young couples are being bound by the priest

Whilst others have prepared sweetness for the feast

Of such delicacies as suits such an occasion

The celebration of another new liaison

Let’s also celebrate the bee in this month of June

A relationship going back over the centuries

Whose work has given us the honeymoon

Copyright : David Hopcroft June 2020



Journeys 1

I climbed down the cobweb ladders

To explore the crystal cave

Through which the sapphire river ran

Weaving between the stalagmites

Swinging from stalactite to stalactite

A scene lit up by shafts of light

Journeying deeper into the belly of this mountain

A seeker in search of answers to a puzzle

For the sapphire river must have a source

Could I with diligence trace its course

Through the caverns where the blue cave crabs thrived

With toothed pincers that would saw through stone

To black tunnels where hope might have died

Yet in the end I did perceive a glimpse of light

Though my progress was now slowed to a crawl

The cave being only two foot six inches tall

With each movement my body ached

Leaving me to wonder was this an end

Could faith give me the strength to carry on

Was the light real and was that light my belief

Faith if strong enough can bring relief from fear

His guidance was to drive me on

To that point where I found the light that shone

To a new world that I realized had just begun

Copyright: David Hopcroft February 2020


The rabbit who produced objects from a hat

The rabbit who produced objects from a hat

A merry rabbit who lived nearby once crossed

Some carrot plants with top-grade cannabis

The carrotbis that he produced had unusual power

Leading to his fame within our wooded neighbourhood

For the best part was in the root the rabbit loved

So he ate the root and sold humans the milder leaf

After several meals of carrotbis he found a magic touch

Strange things could happen when he uttered special words

On saying ‘Rabbitarabicra’ he acquired incredible powers

But his greatest moments came when he found a hat

Discarded by some high folluting aristocrat

A top hat that tempted curiosity and so he climbed in

To find a world of tunnels underground

Inhabited by humans who were all little girls

Everyone was an Alice and all of them were drunk

From bottles labelled ‘Drink me’ made by a monk

Who produced the best moonshine that you ever tasted

Then the rabbit found his audience and pulled things from the hat

Two pink doves and a chicken that laid chocolate eggs

Endless knotted scarves that the rabbit stuffed into his mouth

But other rabbits claimed they’d seen all this before

Until he produced an elephant that made the rabbits roar

An even that was captured live on Rabbitvision

But curiosity overcame him when once whilst inside the hat

He muttered ‘Rabbitarabrica’ and the rabbit never came back

Rabbitvision reporters speculated he’d been the subject of hijack

But you and I know better and that’s a fact

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2020

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A little bit of magic in the air

A little bit of magic in the air

Can you feel something different in the air tonight

An electric atmosphere that is highly charged

Just one small spark and smouldering love will ignite

There’s a little bit of magic in the air

Moon dust sprinkled on the bed the stars know you care

Dust falling from the moonbeams and sparkling in your hair

Yes there’s a little bit of magic in the air

A sweltering summer evening gives way to night

There’s a touch paper that you wish to light

Bodies discarding clothes in the heat

Hoping for a breeze to cool them down

Windows open and that’s where the magic can come in

Magic that begins as two bodies touch and meet

Passion that has been aroused on the longest day

Holding to each other as love is catching flame

Ignition point is reached as she stakes her claim

A little puff of smoke as both have reached their peak

Magic that gives strength to last the night

Magic that will last as they satisfy their lust

A wand that will extend to give the thrust

Kisses exchanged when hands wander playfully

Bodies writhe and twist and turn within the bed

Sweat is now soaking into the sheet

Just that little bit of magic in the air

That some find each night to show they care

Love no longer founders as they lie bare

For the magic that draws the lover to her lair

Is the magic that she knows will keep him there

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2020

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A tale from Amgine

A Tale from Amgine

There could have been folk tales from Amgine

But since the planet had no folk there were not

Instead we have a tale about two specks of light

It would be nice if we could say one black and one white

But to human aliens black light does not exist

Now one speck was ultra violet and the other infra red

Yet each could see the other and both could feel the heat

Now UV and IR would flit across the planet

Reflecting off the rocks as they played their games

Until one day by chance they met in a magnetic field

And being inquisitive discovered a greater attraction

Until in union their wavelengths became joined

Now they travel back and forth between the stars

Sometimes pausing for a little X-ray hallucination

Laughing when they discovered there was nothing there to see

These specks of light began to enjoy further jollity

Discovering they could also change to other forms of light

Then they found a magic far greater than any alchemy

One could vanish for a moment then yield a surprise

Becoming for that split second both black and white

Discovering something that great scientists have missed

For the specks now knew that dark light could co-exist

So black in white in playfulness could not resist

Bringing both lights together to be kissed

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2020

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The Black Swan and the White Swan

The Black Swan and the White Swan

On a shimmering lake beneath a silvered moon

Where ducks were swimming on a late afternoon

Those clear northern skies decorated with stars

Where the wise could point out Jupiter and Mars

Two swans made their way across the lake

Was this a chance meeting or was it a date?

One swan was black the other was white

Yet each to the other was a beautiful sight

All the other swans said White can’t go with black

We just don’t approve it is time to turn back

But the black swan and the white swan held their course

Drawn to each other by an invisible force

Ignoring those cries of hate and despair

They now swam together to say We are a pair

Each in the other a great beauty saw

As they swam together more and more

Closer and closer as their lives were entwined

Ignoring other swans who wished to be unkind

The ducks and the geese said Don’t worry you’re right

Why not fly to the south with us under the moonlight

So that day they flew south away from the rest

To find the lake of happiness where they made their nest

Copyright: David Hopcroft 2019

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The Arousal of Spring

The Arousal of Spring

Each day He guides to show me the wonders of His creation

Sometimes it is just the moss and fern covering old walls

Or the robin in the trees singing out for a mate

Then perhaps a pair of visiting ducks


I can smell the scent of a fox in the air

Strolling around the allotments seeking an early breakfast

Too early

The chickens are still asleep in their coops

How blessed I am with these wonders to share

By a bank I see a pussy willow now in bud

The hawthorn already displays the early leaf

White flowers now opening upon wild cherries

Welcome to the bride of spring

Now there are two who walk the towpath

Listening and looking with God as their guide

Holding hands and giving the occasional squeeze

A pause

To watch two swans go gliding by

Each now recalls a piece they once wrote

Ducks are pairing off with their summer mate

Courtship displays to entice and attract

Two figures now stop to look at each other

Then hold and hug to exchange a long kiss

Life in a countryside created by God

Bringing them both happiness and peace

Copyright: David Hopcroft April 2020

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The Midnight Chimes

The Midnight Chimes

To turn and toss and lie there without sleep

When the clock ticks louder as each minute passes by

When each thought in your mind cannot keep

And you hate the chime upon the quarter of the hour

Your mind will not let go of what you want and need

You feel the panic as if your heart will bleed

Wishing you could wave a wand to change your world

Knowing that at five o’clock you must rise

With fatigue yet no sleep in the eyes

Those dark shadows under eyes you try to disguise

You tried your very best at counting sheep

Stopping at ten thousand and still you were not asleep

Then you heard the noise upon your phone

The message sent because your love knew you were alone

A short message but now you felt reassured

That you were still loved desired and adored

You closed your eyes and your mouth formed a smile

Dreams now came easily as love flowed

Back and forth across three thousand miles

That moment in the dream when your your cheeks glowed

And your body heaved as you gave a gentle moan

When the alarm went you arose from your bed

Energy restored and by love had been fed

The day now began with joy instead of dread

Love’s wonder had filled your heart and head

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2020