Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist

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River of Tears

River of tears

Born of a deity they grew up on the island together

Sharing a childhood playing with each other in the dirt

As she grew her beauty shone like a golden treasure

Until she felt something within as she tried to flirt

As they grew older her feelings grew stronger

How could he pretend he was not aware

As the years were to pass her love grew fonder

She knew this was wrong but she did not care

She struggled in her mind to contain the emotion

Her feelings strengthening and far transcending lust

The more time she was with him the greater her devotion

So often she would feel the swelling in her bust

As sister and brother there was so much that they shared

But that which she wanted most was forbidden

Her mind was tormented by a secret that could not be bared

How much longer could her feelings remain hidden

Her hand trembled with the pen as she wrote

To proclaim her love and to offer herself to him

For such love there seemed to be no antidote

He feared for what he believed was called sin

With friends he fled the island for another land

To found a city where he might dwell in peace

She stood watching the waves break upon the sand

Priests declared her to be obsessed by a beast

Her love still raged strong as she followed his trail

Only to find that her love was still spurned

Her sadness could not be hidden by a veil

Grief would not quench the love that still burned

She sat upon the limestone rock and wept

Tears flowed so freely from her face

For weeks she cried and never slept

The barren olive tree now marks the sacred place

Her tears formed an everlasting stream

That flows from these hills down to the sea

Priests still deem her love to be unclean

Others now say she’s the dryad of the olive tree

Her body was never found and some still say

Within these rocks she will forever weep

The legend is still believed today

For everlasting love can never sleep

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2023

(based on a legend of Kaunas at Dalyan)

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The Wild In You

The Wild In You

His idea of adventure called for the wild

He wanted a woman in his bed not a mouse

Someone who was happy to walk naked around the house

A woman without boundaries who knew how to play

He was not talking about Rummikub or Scrabble

Life needed excitement not just a little dabble

He needed a woman who defied convention

A woman who was clear about her intention

Open to exploration and invention

A woman who locked modesty in detention

One who would give pleasure both day and night

When they had learned to dance to the same tune

Who could share her life with great abandon

Where each learned how to bend in so many ways

More than the casual offering of a quick fuck

Whose flames were extinguished with a suck

Or services to be exchanged for a measly buck

Where is the wild woman

Are you there

Throw off inhibition

We need to share

Scream out the naughty thoughts

You have hidden there

Tell me you want to invade my lair

Don’t be shy

Don’t be nervous

Don’t be scared

Be the wild in you that must be shared

Light the wick

Let’s burn baby burn

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Here’s to the big girls

Here’s to the big girls

Here’s to the women who are not skinny and slim

A toast to all those with a full figure

What’s the use of a girl you can’t see because she’s so thin

Give me the big girls who have some vigour

Here’s to the ladies who have something to hold

Goodbye to the yoga girls who can bend any way

Let’s roll around together be you young or old

Among the purple heather or on the fresh hay

Give me the lady with the heaving chest

Showing those charms of warmth and tenderness

Give me a large bosom where my head can rest

The softness and desire that I wish to caress

Who wants a bikini babe with a microscopic waist

I want the body that can heave and thrust

Give me the full figure with something to taste

Let’s drink pleasure together to satisfy lust

Here’s to the big girls with thighs that are thick

With legs that can hold me firm and tight

She’s the girl with the taper to light up my wick

Here’s to the body I can make love to all night

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023


Swimming with the sharks

Swimming with the sharks

Jet skis prowl the waters along the beach

Seeking out a prey that comes in reach

Looking for half naked bodies adorning a beach towel

She looks up and listens for attraction of the masculine growl

Watching for the flashing fins just off the shore

Who are dreaming of the opening of nature’s door

She needs more oil to enhance the tan

Believing he will become her number one fan

At last it seems that she has caught his eye

Now which of them is the spider and which the fly

Thoughtfully she adjusts her pose

Knowing what the shark wishes her to expose


He leaves the water to show the muscle ripple

Watching as she pouts to best display a nipple

Hours later she stumbles from the bar

To be bundled into the waiting car

Her flesh becomes the playground for sharpened teeth

As she becomes another slave to a sadist chief

The desire to tempt the secrets of the dark

Leads to danger should you choose to swim with the shark

Copyright: David Hopcroft April 2023

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Finding the lost shaker of salt

Finding the lost shaker of salt

Searching for true love never should be in haste

Seeking the smile that adorns the radiant face

How could such beauty be allowed to go to waste

Did they both long for each other’s taste

Brief encounters increasing the attraction each day

Those glances betraying what was still locked away

She wishing that he would for longer stay

He was hoping that if he asked she would not say nay

An uncompleted puzzle with just one piece that was missing

When put in place would that lead to their kissing

In their minds dwelt patience whilst they were still fishing

Each seemingly aware of the other’s wishing

The longing that lay so deep within each heart

Pictures forming in their minds where each played a part

Surely imagination could not be their only expression of art

A rainbow cocktail that gave colour to their love chart

It was the margarita that brought their wishing to a halt

The waiting they decided was really nobody’s fault

Finding treasure and pleasure in a now opened vault

At last both had found that lost shaker of salt

Copyright: David Hopcroft April 2023


Dwynwen’s Isle

Writtten for Saint Dwynwen’s Day on January 26th

Dwynwen’s Isle

(January 25th)

Let me spirit you away to the magic of Ynys Mon

For upon this day shall I pledge a troth to you

Be with me on this journey to the sacred Dwynwen’s isle

For I have found no fairer lady dwelling in this land

Of your equal in tenderness and affection there is none

Be with me to tread a lover’s path upon the morning dew

Let us both forsake the past and greet this dawn with a smile

Come do not be coy upon such a day let me take your hand

Walk into a future with me to feel the warmth of rising sun

Let me hold you close and press your bosom against my chest

May our lips meet for a future found beyond the waves

Why not seal a fate on Dwynwen’s isle before the sun dips low

Each night you are in my dreams my heart you have already won

Come seek with me for a love that surely must be blessed

For the laughter and the sparkle in your eyes my heart craves

Let magic take a course today as our feelings freely flow

Copyright: David Hopcroft January 2023

Острів Двінвен

( 25 січня )

Дозвольте мені відвести вас до магії Ynys Mon

Бо в цей день я тобі віддаю свою любов

Будьте зі мною в цій подорожі до священного острова Двінвен

Бо я не знайшов жодної справедливішої дами, що мешкала на цій землі

З ваших рівних за ніжністю і прихильністю немає

Будьте зі мною, щоб пройти шлях коханця на ранковій росі

Давайте обидва покинемо минуле і привітаємо цю світанку посмішкою

Приходь, не соромся такого дня, дозволь мені взяти твою руку

Зайдіть у майбутнє зі мною, щоб відчути тепло висхідного сонця

Дозвольте мені тримати вас близько і притиснути пазуху до грудей

Нехай наші губи зустрінуться на майбутнє, знайдене поза хвилями

Чому б не запечатати долю на острові Двінвен до того, як сонце опуститься низько

Щовечора ти мрієш моє серце, ти вже переміг

Приходь шукати зі мною кохання, яке, безумовно, має бути благословенне

За сміх і блиск у ваших очах моє серце жадає

Нехай магія сьогодні пройде курс, коли наші почуття вільно течуть

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт січень 2023 року


13. Behind Closed Doors Delete Delete

13. Behind closed doors Delete Delete

The attraction for her secret life played on her addiction

Shunning media that hindered with restriction

Her daytime pretence presenting something of a contradiction

Whilst there appeared to be no remedy for her affliction

Life that seemed so normal took a sudden twist

She found a world where everything could exist then not exist

Luring her into the shadows that she could not resist

At first the burning desire gave her all that she dreamed of and wished

An attraction of actions once performed she hesitated to repeat

In the nocturnal safety of her room she believed she could be discrete

All those pictures and messages were special for the voyeurs’ treat

The only meaning to her life was ending each night with Delete Delete

Delete delete delete Each night she was feeling bolder

Her fear-frosted connection to reality growing colder

As time passed so did that her sense of growing older

She deleted the very source of love that might let her smoulder

The search for happiness and joy ending in defeat

Action that brought down those walls of conceit

Her final act that terminated a life so incomplete

Those keyboard strokes a sad farewell of Delete Delete

Copyright: David Hopcroft December 2022

As part of a study for transmedia work, I had been looking at various social media sites and a number seemed to be consuming participants in a way that shocked me. I began to understand why lives are taken because they have lost meaning.


7. The Lift

7. The Lift

They called her the foreign girl from the department store

If she were late he would always hold open the lift door

She had a suspicion that his thoughts were nearer the floor

Each morning when she entered the lift was crammed

Sometimes she would quietly curse when it jammed

But what she feared the most was the wandering hand

Bodies pressed together but she knew it was his grope

Thinking that in the crowd there might be hope

His slimy hand moving as elusively as a bar of soap

Little did he know that her shoes had a point of steel

Which she forced down through his trainers with her heel

She watched him limp away knowing he could not squeal

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022

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6. The Metro

6. The Metro

An intrepid exploration peeking from behind a newspaper page

My heart missing two beats when with a smile she tried to engage

Should I really have these naughty thoughts at my age

A station and I pray she does not rise and move towards the door

She looks across at me holds the smile for longer of that I am sure

The returning reticence within suppressing my desire for more

I felt guilty as I seemed to stare and I am sure that I blushed

Now her eyes focus on me as if I am imprisoned by her gaze

Like a dog I sit looking as if waiting for the bone to be thrown

Yet fearful of reacting lest the imaginative hope is crushed

Another stop she rises will my mind now hit erase

Then she passes a note with a number saying ‘This is my phone’

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022

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Metal fender love

Metal fender love

Brightly polished metal paint standing on the lot

Her open top admired by passersby in their ogling shop

Retro-romantic purring with attraction

Thoughts stirred within wanting to turn on her ignition

Waiting to be unleashed beneath the hood a mighty beast

Her mind thinking of those nipples surely fully greased

Six seductive cylinders almost within her reach

Listening to the salesman who had learned to preach

How she loved to admire her chassis

She’d take the Interstate from here to Tallahassee

Knowing it would hold firm as it glided along the highway

Keep your Tesla sunshine she was going to do this her way

Chrome plated attraction from the world of yesteryear

Stick shift for her hand she despised the auto-gear

Two tone elegance and wings protruding from the rear

This was mechanical seduction and she had no fear

Her twin headlights attracting with their glow

Switched on she knew that they could steal the show

Leather upon the seats where she could slide

So cool upon the thighs as she thought of the ride

She took the keys of pleasure living out life today

She pressed the pedal to the metal and she was away

She scorched black rubber along the boulevard

Grasped the leather knob and pulled back hard

Tearing up the miles until she ran out of juice

Two hundred horses seeking freedom were let loose

Some girls love abs and biceps but she knew her desire

Only the pounding of six pistons could light her fire

Copyright: David Hopcroft November 2022