Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist

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Rain dancing

Stepping lightly upon the pavement as the first drops begin to fall

Trickling slowly down the tender cheek

Clouds scudding overhead, the sun hides a face away

The ever changing patterns of the raindrops upon the stones

Gliding between heads hidden by umbrellas

Swaying between the figures hastily donning coats

Seeking shelter from the shower

Skies darkening above as white billowing clouds give way

To the gray ceiling that descends uopon the street

My feet floating above the forming puddle

Watching as others huddle

Seeking shelter

In the doorways

Now the rain is tumbling quickly from the rooves

Speeding down the spouts and into gutters

I jump the streams and swing upon the lamp posts

Upstairs old women hastily draw close the shutters

Kicking high the water bounces from my knees

The breaking storm, the deluge comes

Arms thrown high and wide I greet the rain

Keep moving on, go with the flow

Sway to and fro, sway to and fro

As swift as they came the clouds now give way

Sunlight bursting floods down on the streets

Kick those legs higher, kick those legs higher

Skwards leaping, then twirl and twirl

The rain dance is over

Life is such fun

© David Hopcroft September 2017