Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist


Conversation without words

Conversations without words

I guess that everything started with the look

Just a casual glance in my direction

Not that I was aware that this was a hook

Yet looking back I recognize the connection

Then that swift glance again as you left the room

That turn of the head that you knew that I would see

The suggestion that this conversation could resume

The unspoken words passing between you and me

On the escalator you were going up as I was going down

Still you had time to throw me a smile as we passed

You knew I could not resist and would turn around

An invitation without words that you had asked

I saw you at the store and you gave me a wink

Was this just ‘hello’ or was it something more

Then as we went through the checkout I began to blink

We the nod and smile you gave as you walked out the door

Next day at the office you gave me a quick wave

I wondered if really you were just passing by

At the back of my mind I wondered ‘Was I your slave?’

I was becoming fixated with you I do not deny

Then we met in the local park and you blew me a kiss

Should I show more interest or are you leading me on

You blew me another and I thought this must be bliss

I was convinced I was getting the big ‘C’mon’

Your finger beckoned me saying ‘Come over here’

As we met again on the train journey home

The message now seemed to be perfectly clear

You had a message for me and did not need the phone

We sat together on the bench in the park

You turned to me and our lips kind of just met

Now I was convinced I would not be left in the dark

The pathway to happiness was surely set

You took my hand and I was led away

Into a world of pleasure deep within your arms

You showed me how to love in every way

My life was swallowed up with your charms

I awoke in the morning on cloud 99

You were the champagne and I had pulled the cork

It now seems so amazing and really quite divine

How much you learn without having to talk

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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The Scream

She had walked this way several times before

A short cut originally to speed her journey home

When the route through the park had become a bore

She now preferred this route beside the carved stone

She used to think of all those lives that lay beneath her feet

She wondered if they really did have a soul

A spirit and would they by some chance meet

Or would the air around her just become damp and cold

She preferred to walk in darkness away from the light

There was comfort in being beneath the stars and moon

Her mind felt more peaceful in the dead of the night

Then came that SCREAM piercing the gloom

Her heart beat faster as she peered among the stones

From out of the earth a ghostly form was arising

She wanted to feel the icy cold of those bones

The form screamed again and this was becoming exciting

Her graveyard lover had risen up from his past

Taking in her body just like her nightly dream

Her wishes had been granted at long last

In that moment of pleasure she let out her SCREAM

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Tomb Girl

Tomb Girl

She roams the gloomy chambers awaiting your arrival

Between stone coffins filled with ancient bones

Be wary if you care for your survival

Danger and mystery are held within these stones

The girl whose deepest wish remained unfulfilled

Who sought out her lover when he fled alone

A search ending in vain when she was killed

Now she roams these tombs in search of home

Her forbidden love shocked and she was vilified

By those who declared that her actions were taboo

Their priests determined such evil must be petrified

Yet it is a ghostly form that cannot begin a life anew

Hush now Are those her steps that you hear

Is that water dripping from the roof or could it be her tears

Careful now as those steps become near

Take courage and try to hide your fears

Death’s bony hand reaches out to touch your shoulder

It is not sweat but blood that trickles down your face

The icy air of the tomb is becoming colder

The tomb girl has claimed you as you vanish without a trace

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023

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Life and death of a telephone booth

Life and death of a telephone booth

A little red box stood on the corner of my street

With a black receiver and buttons A and B

A large paper directory and fag ends at my feet

There was additional decoration for all to see

Within this little box folk would leave a calling card

Advertising their services and their wares

Just a number and a message that might seem hard

To understand unless you knew your apples from your pears

Each card carried a private number with a text

Joe the plumber for emergencies seemed innocent

But others might lead one to feel a little vexed

Call Dawn for fragrant flowers that are succulent

They were the Yellow Pages of the night

That led to private rooms where secrets could be hidden

I would study them to unravel the invite

Leather retailers where you must do what was bidden

Lessons on Spanish guitar no strings attached

The duality of the meaning held in the phrase

You might have to phone to see if you were matched

To discover what was offered in so many ways

Jane’s full massage left nothing to imagination or disguise

But you needed to phone to ascertain the price

Her touch upon your skin was sure to get a rise

So much would be offered and displayed if you were nice

Now the internet has removed this fascination

Secrets no longer hidden everything to be displayed

Where lies the mystery in open exhibition

That informs you of how much is to be paid

The mini-video that exhibits those wobbling breasts

Or the panties being removed in the car

A selection on offer The Question Which is best

You can see the honey now the lid is off the jar

The message and the mouse click have replaced the rotary dial

The imagery has killed off the mystery calling card

With the video camera she can advertise in style

Inviting you for action with no holds barred

Then the imagery becomes flattery that will deceive

The photoshop slimming down of the waist

And those boobs Really Do you honestly believe

Look carefully and do not act in haste

The little red box is still there on my walk

Paint peeling windows broken and no phone

The cards have gone and there’s no double talk

Yet beneath them was an honesty that’s flown

Can ageing minds still entice and walk the walk

Can we find thrills beyond the dog and bone

Hey there tell girl me really you wanna talk

Then tempt me with a message whilst I’m here at home

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2023


Strawberry on Ice

Red pouting lips circling slowly around the tables

Pausing just for a moment alongside mine

Her golden hair tossed carelessly to attract

There seemed to be a message in her shapely line

The pineapple slice clung to the cold glass

An enticing sweetness for my taste

Thoughts were forming quickly in my mind

A reticence that reminded me not to act in haste

Her magnetic movement attracted with each successive lap

Always drawing my eye towards those shapely hips

Swaying tantalisingly for a moment then moving on

Throwing out the lure with a smile from her lips

My fate was surely sealed when I smiled back

She circled once more seemingly giving me a miss

My heart sank until she came around again

Gently blowing me the moistened kiss

In one swift movement she leaned over me

The whisper her invitation in my ear

How quickly all was lost when her husband called out

She was strawberry on ice and the real message was clear

Copyright: David Hopcroft April 2023

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Fates: The Journey

Fates: The Journey

In swamps and forests where demons still dwell

Among the trees and rushes where the spirits will fly

Where danger lurks and dead men still ply their trade

There is a land where villagers claim even the air is cursed

In such a faraway land there is a tale that must be told

Cold enough to freeze the tear of a watering eye

Upon the blackness of the earth this legend was made

Amongst these very trees where I traverse the path

Ghosts called out to me as they floated on the breeze

Enticing me along the path they wished me to tread

Witches peered out from behind the standing stones

The sorcerer at work sent flashes across the sky

The whispers of a wizard could be heard among the trees

Past the ancient murder stone where sacrifice was bled

Past the cairn that held the virginal maiden’s bones

Unto the palace in the marsh where the undead lie

Trapped between two worlds they seek a release

Beyond the dragon’s breath I passed through the gate

Where the bloodied axe was waiting for the condemned

To the seat of the sorceress who cast the spell of doom

A pond of poison lilies was home to the sabred geese

Whose beaks like blades sent many to their fate

Now the undead wait to determine where they will dwell

I seek my captive amidst a yellowed mist of gloom

Copyright: David Hopcroft February 2023

Долі: Подорож

На болотах і лісах, де досі мешкають демони

Серед дерев і кидається туди, де будуть літати духи

Там, де небезпека ховається, і мертві люди все ще здійснюють свою торгівлю

Є земля, де жителі села стверджують, що навіть повітря прокляте

У такій далекій землі є казка, яку треба розповісти

Досить холодно, щоб заморозити сльозу поливного ока

Після чорноти землі ця легенда була зроблена

Серед цих самих дерев, де я проходжу шлях

Привиди кликали до мене, коли вони пливли на вітрі

Передчуваючи мене по стежці, вони хотіли, щоб я ступав

Відьми визирали з-за стоячих каменів

Чарівник на роботі посилав спалахи по небу

Шепіт майстра можна було почути серед дерев

Минулий древній камінь вбивства, де було вбито жертву

Минулий керн, який тримав кістки діви

До палацу в болоті, де лежать нежить

У пастці між двома світами вони шукають звільнення

Поза диханням дракона я пройшов через ворота

Де кривава сокира чекала засуджених

На місце чарівниці, яка кинула заклинання приреченості

Ставок з отруйними ліліями був домом для сабредних гусей

Чиї дзьоби, як леза, багато хто послав до своєї долі

Тепер нежить чекає, щоб визначити, де вони будуть мешкати

Я шукаю свого полоненого серед пожовклий туман похмурості

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт, лютий 2023 року


Dwynwen’s Isle

Writtten for Saint Dwynwen’s Day on January 26th

Dwynwen’s Isle

(January 25th)

Let me spirit you away to the magic of Ynys Mon

For upon this day shall I pledge a troth to you

Be with me on this journey to the sacred Dwynwen’s isle

For I have found no fairer lady dwelling in this land

Of your equal in tenderness and affection there is none

Be with me to tread a lover’s path upon the morning dew

Let us both forsake the past and greet this dawn with a smile

Come do not be coy upon such a day let me take your hand

Walk into a future with me to feel the warmth of rising sun

Let me hold you close and press your bosom against my chest

May our lips meet for a future found beyond the waves

Why not seal a fate on Dwynwen’s isle before the sun dips low

Each night you are in my dreams my heart you have already won

Come seek with me for a love that surely must be blessed

For the laughter and the sparkle in your eyes my heart craves

Let magic take a course today as our feelings freely flow

Copyright: David Hopcroft January 2023

Острів Двінвен

( 25 січня )

Дозвольте мені відвести вас до магії Ynys Mon

Бо в цей день я тобі віддаю свою любов

Будьте зі мною в цій подорожі до священного острова Двінвен

Бо я не знайшов жодної справедливішої дами, що мешкала на цій землі

З ваших рівних за ніжністю і прихильністю немає

Будьте зі мною, щоб пройти шлях коханця на ранковій росі

Давайте обидва покинемо минуле і привітаємо цю світанку посмішкою

Приходь, не соромся такого дня, дозволь мені взяти твою руку

Зайдіть у майбутнє зі мною, щоб відчути тепло висхідного сонця

Дозвольте мені тримати вас близько і притиснути пазуху до грудей

Нехай наші губи зустрінуться на майбутнє, знайдене поза хвилями

Чому б не запечатати долю на острові Двінвен до того, як сонце опуститься низько

Щовечора ти мрієш моє серце, ти вже переміг

Приходь шукати зі мною кохання, яке, безумовно, має бути благословенне

За сміх і блиск у ваших очах моє серце жадає

Нехай магія сьогодні пройде курс, коли наші почуття вільно течуть

Авторські права: Девід Хопкрофт січень 2023 року

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Basement Club (English & Ukraine)

Our apartments shared a balcony on the fifteenth floor

We were rather shy and hardly ever had conversation

Though once we talked about the broken lift door

I wondered whether we were just poor at communication

I remembered a day she wore trainers and denim jeans

A sense of fashion that seemed a little bland

I believed she was an artiste learning new routines

Maybe she was a singer for a band

Then she offered me an invitation out of the blue

Would I like to see her performance tonight

As the day passed by so my curiosity grew

She led me to a basement door lit up by a neon light

She sat me at a table with a good view of the stage

Then left me with my drink enjoying the revue

A punk jazz band was playing they had become the rage

With numbers like Blitzkreig Bop and Who Are You

A fanfare then the curtains parted and I was shocked

As she made her dancing entrance in a red latex dress

High red boots and fishnet stockings she really rocked

Body glitter upon her arms she certainly could impress

Her dancing was sensuous suggestive and enticing

Erotic movements so graceful they could not be obscene

A final beckoning towards me that was her inviting

This was my quiet neighbour living out her dream

Copyright: David Hopcroft January 2023

28. Підвальний клуб

Наші квартири розділили балкон на п’ятнадцятому поверсі

Ми були досить сором’язливими і навряд чи колись мали розмову

Хоча одного разу ми поговорили про розбиті двері підйому

Мені було цікаво, чи ми просто бідні на спілкуванні

Я згадав день, коли вона носила тренери та джинси з джинсовими виробами

Почуття моди, яке здавалося трохи м’яким

Я вважав, що вона артистка вивчає нові процедури

Тоді вона запропонувала мені запрошення з синього кольору

Чи хотів би я побачити її виступ сьогодні ввечері

Як минув день, так зросла моя цікавість

Вона повела мене до дверей підвалу, освітлених неоновим світлом

Вона сиділа за столом з гарним видом на сцену

Тоді залишив мене своїм напоєм, щоб насолодитися ревю

Панк-джазовий колектив грав, вони стали люттю

З такими номерами, як Blitzkreig Bop і хто ти

Фанфари тоді штори розлучилися, і я був шокований

Коли вона зробила свій танцювальний вхід у червону сукню з латексу

Високі червоні черевики та панчохи з риб’ячим сітком вона справді гойдалася

Блиск тіла на руках, який вона, безумовно, може вразити

Її танці були чуттєвими сугестивними та привабливими

Еротичні рухи настільки витончені, що не могли бути нецензурними

Фінал, що покликав мене, це було її запрошення

Це був мій тихий сусід, що жив її мрією

Copyright: David Hopcroft January 2023

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A different perspective 1

A different perspective 1

they talked together far beyond the universe that they created

an accident it seems whilst trying out some new recipe

the ingredients assembled stirred and then they disintegrated

seemingly opposed to the intended maximum of entropy

as the mess of particulate pottage began to spread

in somewhat random fashion some began to congregate

as a multitude of blobs emitting everything including infrared

disliking confusion they observed a tendency to segregate

they pondered for eons upon some way to clear up the mess

but even that endless exercise gave rise to some uncertainty

black holes as vacuum cleaners at first seemed to impress

though each new suggestion seemed to increase absurdity

there was no end result as yet as they talked without decision

whilst their first accident continued to create space by expansion

their next attempt they agreed required a little more precision

until then remained the puzzle how to retrieve by compaction

Copyright: David Hopcroft December 2022

I never figured a way of getting back to the ingredients after wrecking the baking and I wondered if the Creators have the same problem to solve.

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There’s a gathering in this village upon this eve

A tale to be told of a past that is rebirthed

Harken carefully unto the tale I shall weave

Where perchance a sun king has emerged

Magic upon this special eve descends upon the square

The eldest of the elders parades in embroidered cloak

Beneath church towers old and young are gathered there

The old ones are prepared and the young have brought the goat

The sun has opened up the lazy eye

Now slumber of the winter shall lessen by the day

Sweet music in the air signals merriment is nigh

Let the eve begin and climb upon the sleigh

Light your candles and let your lanterns be held up high

Knock upon each door and let the household hear your voice

A greeting poem written with care begs a welcome cry

Ask of your host permission to sing a carol of their choice

Sing well for the household then prepare the dance

Let sweet notes to mark this eve echo from your throat

Make way there is one who wishes to advance

For now comes the moment to lead out the goat

Let the blessing be recited by all who know

For those present know the goat must stamp its feet

Where goes the goat ‘tis where the wheat will grow

For each stamp shall yield the seven sheaves of wheat

Now the goat this night has risen from the dead

Let the children bless each room about the house

Where those ready for slumber kneel and prayers are said

For every creature large or small from ox to mouse

The kutya with such care has been prepared

The wood upon the stove is burning fierce and bright

Berries nuts butter fruit and honey shall be shared

A new year begins so sing to greet the light

There’s a didukh proudly standing near the table

Heads of oat wheat and rye together have been bound

A ribboned grandfather preserved by fable

Sleeps until Mara dances and seeds leap from the ground

Time now to move on my lads and lassies fair

Twixt dusk and dawn every home must be blessed

The seeds of sunflower shall subdue the bear

For peace and prosperity make this kolyada request

Copyright: David Hopcroft December 2022

didukh is the grandfather sheaf, kolyada is the winter solstice, kutya is a food prepared for the solstice, Mara a pre-Christian goddess of spring


У цей вечір у цьому селі збираються
Розповідь про минуле, яке відроджується
уважно слухай казку, яку я зіплету
Де, можливо, з'явився король-сонце
Магія в цей особливий переддень сходить на площу
Старший із старших дефілює у вишитому плащі
Там під вежами костелів зібралися старі й малі
Старі готові, а молоді привели козу

Сонце розкрило ледаче око

Тепер сон зимовий з кожним днем ​​слабшає Солодка музика в повітрі сигналізує про наближення веселощів Нехай вечір починається і лізе на сани Запаліть свої свічки і нехай ваші ліхтарі піднімуться високо Стукайте в кожні двері, і нехай домочадці почують ваш голос Вітальний вірш, написаний ретельно, викликає вітальний крик Попросіть у господаря дозволу заспівати колядку на свій вибір

Заспівай гарно для домочадців, потім приготуй танець Дозвольте солодким ноткам, щоб відзначити цей переддень, лунає у вашому горлі Зробіть дорогу тому, хто бажає просунутися А поки настав час виводити козу Нехай прочитають благословення всі, хто знає Присутні знають, що коза повинна тупотіти ногами Куди коза піде, там і пшениця виросте За кожну марку дадуть сім снопів пшениці

Тепер козел цієї ночі воскрес із мертвих Нехай діти благословлять кожну кімнату в будинку Де ті, хто готовий спати, стають на коліна і читають молитви За кожну істоту, велику чи малу, від вола до миші З такою дбайливістю готувалася кутя Дрова на печі горять люто й яскраво Ягоди, горіхи, вершкове масло, фрукти та мед слід розділити Новий рік починається, тож співайте, щоб світло привітати

Біля столу гордо стоїть дідух Головки вівса, пшениці та жита були зв’язані разом Стрічений дід, збережений байкою Спить, поки Мара не затанцює і насіння не вискочить із землі Тепер час рухатися далі, мої хлопці та дівчата У вечірні сутінки і світанок кожен дім повинен бути благословенним Насіння соняшнику підкорить ведмедя Для миру і процвітання зверни цю коляду

Авторське право: Девід Хопкрофт, грудень 2022

р дідух – дідух сніп, коляда – зимове сонцестояння, кутя – їжа, яку готують на сонцестояння, Мара – дохристиянська богиня весни.