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I am a former Learning Center Manager from a State College in Florida who retired over ten years ago to Lancashire in England where I live in a small town that was once important as a mill town. My interests in poetry are in exploring history through poetry, exploring emotions in love, a number of Celtic themes, and issues that are often avoided because others see them as ‘uncomfortable’. I have interests in writing that include the exploration of unconventional spiritual relationships in seeking. I have now been writing for over twenty years.

If I look old in the photograph that is because I am old, a rock slowly being worn down over the years and slowly turning to dust perhaps, married for over twenty years. Together we have travelled extensively in Europe and worked on both sides of the Atlantic.

I see poetry not simply as pieces that can be read by others, but also as pieces that can be performed and shared, so I have experimented with writing for two voices and with others to write alternate verses/sections. Reading the works of others always gives me pleasure and I have watched with great interest how some of my friends here have developed their work over the years and always wish for their success.

My life is also a battle against the Reaper, which I will eventually lose, a struggle against cancer. This is a scrap but I carry on. I have too many friends I have still to meet.

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much David for reading!!
    I included you in my list sir.
    I love reading your works too! ❤

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  2. Some very interesting experiments here! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I was a Mental Health Therapist and Child Protection Officer in California before an early retirment to the South of France. Poetry, and history are both high on my list.
    Here on the Mediterranean there are more rocks than most can imagine and they each have tales to tell. Old or vintage? The difference is in our perspective. Léa

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  4. What a beautiful insight into your world David. I have fond memories of Lancashire from childhood. I am looking forward to following your journey, as a like minded traveller.

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    • Wow! We live in Brierfield, near Nelson. We moved from Florida to Brierfield, a story in itself. 🙂 I shall follow your journey. Where in Lancashire were your memories made?

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      • I travelled regularly to visit my aunt and uncle in Southport and also formby David. You may not have seen the Mersey tunnel? I would always look forward to the journey through there, as I imagined that to be a time tunnel from the bleakness of the city of Birmingham, (where I was born) into a beautifully green paradise

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  5. I must get the first part of my early life completed, I was almost a Brummie, born near Alvechurch 🙂


  6. Sir, You inspire me to do more and you keep on motivating me through your comments on the entries I posted. Thanks sìr! I really appreciate it.

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  8. I relate to all that you say David. I had not read this before, as, being blind, finding my way round people’s blogs is hard. I too see poetry etc as an exploration. I don’t think we ever get definitive “answers.”

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