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Are you listening? I a here


Are you listening? I am here

She likes the present that you sent last week

That was so generous and she is really is pleased

I’ve watched her and your present is one of her favourite things

You can tell by just watching

Look I think that is a wave she’s giving you

Why do they treat me as if I am some sort of freak

Sometimes the feeling is one of being teased

I’m waving because I want your attention

Can’t I join in and have a say

Does anyone really notice me

I am going to make a cake for her tonight

A Black Forest gateau I am sure she will like

We might take her on holiday again this year

To the South of France or somewhere quite near

I’ll be sure to save you a slice

Well why don’t you ask me if I like that cake

I’m standing right here and I’m not deaf

Haven’t you noticed I hate the taste of cream

I’ve tried to tell you in the past

Did you really hear me at all

I know that you are her teacher but let me just say

There are some things that I think stand in her way

We’d like her to join in with games

Her father played tennis you might know

We’re sure that she can be just as good

Can’t she see how hard it is to hit the ball

I’ve almost no coordination at all

They shout instructions that confuse

I don’t care if I always lose

I just want the game to end

I don’t really like having her with me at the store

I get so embarrassed when she shouts for more

Sometimes I just won’t even take her through the door

She tries to grab things from the shelves

Next time I think I’ll go on my own

Don’t you understand why I shout

I’m just trying to tell you what I want

Well why not ask me just what I would like?

Last time you left me sitting in the car

Don’t you think I should get to choose

Or is it some form of control you would lose?

I took her to the park but I dare not let her play

She’s just a little clumsy and gets in the way

The others don’t really like her anyway

Perhaps there will come a time but not today

I think we’ll just stay home instead

I know that I’m different but I can’t explain

Do you understand when you call my name

Sometimes every sound seems the same

If you would listen I really have a plan

Can’t you just accept me the way that I am

Copyright: David Hopcroft March 2023


Author: davidjhopcroft

Former learning centre manager at a state college in Florida now living in England and enjoying the wonderful scenery close to the Pennines and the Lake District

5 thoughts on “Are you listening? I a here

  1. Beautifully written David. 🤗💕✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s interesting how you present both sides..she is in italics, and what she tells us, is beyond her powers of telling you. You have created a story, a vignette, a description, using words that are not spoken to each other, so there is no communications. Mental challenges, are hard on everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

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