Park Bench Tales and other writings

Thoughts and writings reflecting the poet within and the activist


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Irina go out and collect fresh eggs Ivan fetch the longest straw

An excitement building within the home for celebration

Tatyana churn the milk for fresh butter I need more

Customs revived and observed for a new generation

Vitaliia have you clothes to dress the doll in finery

Bright colours to stand out when we raise the pole

Children bubbling over with anticipation and anxiety

Parents struggling to keep them under control

The straw is ready and the lady has been dressed

She stands aloft upon the pole in the village square

A week of carnival and festival has been blessed

Sounds of spring have awoken the sleeping bear

Eggs have been beaten and the butter is in the pan

Add the batter and be sure to make the special toss

Sweet crepes for Mayssa savoury dumplings for a man

Gather around and await the music by the Market Cross

Seek out those dancing shoes for nimble steps in dance

Lads and lassies this is the time to seek out mates

Last night’s dream can come alive so take a chance

Feliks open your eyes and see that Vitaliia awaits

Time to skate the ice and take the Troika ride

Children shrieking in delight at the snowball fight

See how the skaters on the ice smoothly glide

Fireworks exploding in the sky light up the night

The week is almost over and the torch lights the fire

Our lady brought down from high now must burn

Dance with me around the flames as she loses her attire

Sprinkle the ashes on the fields and let life return

Seek your neighbour and friends for their forgiveness ask

The time for grievances to be forgotten has come

Drink to their health and share the spirit in your flask

The week must end in happiness let nought be left undone

Copyright: David Hopcroft February 2023


Author: davidjhopcroft

Former learning centre manager at a state college in Florida now living in England and enjoying the wonderful scenery close to the Pennines and the Lake District

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