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What if?


What if? A question of health

Away from love and crazy poems this is a more serious piece relating to health

It is safe here for you under your shell

That you have carefully constructed for yourself

Was it to keep yourself in

Perhaps to keep others out

Maybe a little or all of both

What if the walls you have made

Were of concrete so solid and firm

What if they were lined with steel

What if there were no windows

What if there were no doors

What if you never got out

What if you lived and died there

What if you did not

What if it were not like this

How would you feel

If those walls were paper thin

If the roof blew off with the wind

If the doors could never be shut

If the windows were always open

What then

How would you feel

Would you try to crawl into yourself

Would you try to burrow under the floor

How would you feel

Naked and exposed

Bared mind but not body

A threat of revealing yourself

What if there were love

What if that love could be found

Would you still hide

In yourself underground

What if you took a step out

What if you went for a walk on your own

What if the path you took

Appeared to have no end

What if the sky overhead

Always seemed to be black

What then

What if you had a sense

That you were not quite alone

What if you turned and saw

An outstretched hand

What if you refused

What if you ran away

What if the sun were to shine

What if the skies had all turned blue

What if you were to walk again

What if the path had an end

What if the end were in you

What if you turned and saw

The outstretched hand was still there

What if it were not

What if you found a friend

What if they really cared

What if you really felt

There was a life to be shared

What if you still turned to run away

What if you found those bricks

Would you rebuild that steel wall

Would you find the door you could lock

Would you close the shutters forever

What if you did not

Copyright: David Hopcroft June 2019

Author: davidjhopcroft

Former learning centre manager at a state college in Florida now living in England and enjoying the wonderful scenery close to the Pennines and the Lake District

11 thoughts on “What if?

  1. One of the hardest to write, lack of communication when a young person creates a shell. At least now this has recognition as a condition in the health services.

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  2. Great poem! Thank you for sharing it!

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  3. Beautiful complexion of what if’s, maybe and realities!! ❤ Excellent write David!!

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    • The difficulty that some young people have in communication is something we need to understand. When we talk of love we can have a very limited view of the outstretched hand, but holding out that hand to show a different kind of love becomes increasingly important in a world that threatens to treat us all as mere statistics, we have to make the effort to understand people and show the love, care and compassion that they need 🙂

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  4. You got that “what if” nicely written David. This is a mind training. Forces ones mind to think and analyze “yes, what if”. But in life we can only do our best.

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  5. This approach to poetry comes from a Cypriot poet I was introduced to 🙂


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